Project Description


This project aims to consolidate the outputs and impact of DBAR ICoE-Bangkok and to explore the future direction for research and development towards sustainable development in Thailand  .

Activities to be performed:

  1. To strengthen national capacity on utilizing CASEarth Data Platform to Enhance SDG Research, Monitoring and Reporting, Monitoring and Reporting.
  2. To demonstrate the potential value and extension on technology innovation based on the critical development issues evaluated and identified by DBAR – A Case study on SDG 6
  3. To deliver a series of national research-policy roundtables to identify the highest priority areas of research for selected SDGs that will have an immediate impact on national policy.



October 1, 2022 – December 31, 2023

PI/ Co PI’s: 

Dr. Wenchao Xue

Primary SDG Goal of focus:

SDG 6 Water and Sanitation and other SDGs