On November 28th, 2023 – A group of delegates from Chongqing Renewable Energy Society visited Asian Institute of Technology Beld and Road Research Center. The group was led by Mr. Dingping Ma, Secretary General and Senior Engineer of Chongqing Renewable Energy Society, Mr. Siyu Ma, Director of International Department of Chongqing Renewable Energy Society, Mr. Shiqin Zhao from Chongqin Zhongfen Technology Transfer Center, Ms. Yi Zhang from UNDP and Mr. Xiaofei Wang, were in the visiting group.

Chongqing Renewable Energy Society (CRES), established in 2016, is a science and technology association under Chongqing Science and Technology Association’s management, with membership covering the fields of renewable energy, energy saving, smart energy, and carbon neutral services in Chongqing. CRES is also a member of the China NGO Network for International Exchanges, China Association for NGO Cooperation, the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization, and the National Belt and Road Energy Cooperation Network, CCAN, and China-Europe NGO Exchange Project.

The strengths of CRES below shows great potential for future collaborations with BBRC, including organizing various EE and low-carbon technology training, popular science and public advertising activities, organizing EE and low-carbon technology seminars and energy-saving products popularizing conferences and academic exchange activities, offering EE technology consulting services and enterprise energy audit services, making enterprise energy conservation plans and relevant standards, conducting research cooperation in the field of clean energy, energy conservation, renewable energy, circular economy and low-carbon technologies, and carrying out international cooperation with international NGOs, diplomatic envoys, foreign research institutions and enterprises in the field of tackling climate change, low carbon technology, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Preliminary discussions in collaborations of joint organization of seminars related to green energy, green technology connecting academic researches and industrial practices, southeast Asia cooperation research projects, were carried out. CRES also shared valuable experiences in international organization development in field of sustainability and green technology, and experience in organizing successful seminars by collaborating with local and international institutions and cooperations. These discussions and communication provide valuable insights for BRRC to enhance capacity in disseminating Belt and Road work outcomes to wider community and accomplish center missions in the future.