From November 6th to 7th, Dr. Wenchao, Xue, Director of Asian Institute of Technology Belt and Road Research Center, was invited to participate in the 1st Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange in Chongqing, China. The theme of this inaugural Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange is “Together for Innovation, Development for All”. As an invited guest to the conference, Dr. Wenchao also participated the ANSO Young Scientists Forum.

This conference focuses on fostering scientific and technological partnerships among governments, cultural and scientific exchanges, and industrial innovation, with nearly one thousand participants from over 80 nations over the world engaging in activities including meetings, discussions, competitions, exhibitions, and tours, etc. Experts from different sectors carried out discussions centered on a arrange of technology topics and potentials in tech collaborations under the Belt and Road initiative. The International Science and Technology Cooperation Initiative that aims to enhance science and technology cooperation in international economy was announced at the conference. The objective of this Initiative is to promote openness, collaboration, equality, inclusivity, mutual benefit and respect for scientific advancement.

A Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) target program that focuses on science, technology, and innovation was launched, with actions focusing on technologies for sustainable development, support for innovation and entrepreneurship, space information technology, and the utilization of science and technology to combat poverty. This target program fits exactly well with AIT’s long term development strategy and AIT BRRC’s vision and missions, that is to develop as an international hub for collaborative and innovative research towards robust economic growth and sustainable development in the Belt and Road region.

Specifically, the launching of Belt and Road Special Cooperation Programs for “Sustainable development Technology” and “Spatial Information through Science and Technology” brings new opportunities to AIT and BRRC.